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Maria Jogi


I am Maria and I am a Marketing and Communications Manager at Penn Group of Companies. 

I have been working in Marketing since 2012 and my focus has been digital marketing. I am passionate about what I do and that same passion and dedication to my work have led me to some exceptional projects in London and internationally.

Proud to introduce you to Penn Group of Companies and I hope you will enjoy reading about the joys and challenges of my work.

Get in touch if you see an opportunity for professional collaboration. 

PS! If you need help with obtaining a mortgage or help with choosing a Life insurance policy - contact me. I will not help you myself, but I know people. Same for Family Law and Probate issues you may have. 

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Maria Jogi 2022

Penn Group of Companies

Comprises Solicitors, Accountants, Mortgage Brokers, and IT specialists - all under one roof.

Whilst each company is separately regulated there is a common management board that ensures the standard of service provided to all clients, a seamless holistic service to individuals and business needs.

What I Do


Law Firm Marketing

Exceeding Expectations


Marketing for Accountancy Services

Accounting Made Easy

Leasing a Home

Penn Financial | Mortgages and Protections

Experience & Expertise

Laptop Work

Penn Tech | IT  Services | Proteus 3

Technology from Professionals to Professionals



Hexagon Legal Networking

A Real Success

Hexagon Legal Network for anyone in the law profession - from juniors to seniors - big and small law firms and beyond. 

Monthly networking events are held in the City of London, typically on one of the last Wednesdays of the month. 

Hexagon is your little black book of contacts you need to succeed. 

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Blog | News & Articles

In my blog, you can find specialist articles from our experts across Penn Group, and industry news, networking tips - must-attend events, and actual tips. And more...

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

Isaac Newton

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