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Press Release | Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers and Accountants Raised 174% of Target for Charities

Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers and Accountants of Penn Group of Companies raised 174% of the target for charity in 2021.

Each year Penn Group of Companies pledge to donate at least £5 000.00 to different smaller and bigger charities across the country to support and help change lives for the better. Each penny donated by the group is intended to make a difference.

Monies are raised by taking part and organising events and challenging themselves and others. For example, Principal Solicitor at Penn Chambers, Shak Inayat, runs half-marathons, and as a team, they took part in Tough Mudder in 2019.

Team Penn are good at involving everyone from their own family and friends to clients and trusted partners to take part in their charity efforts. One of the very first virtual runs in 2020 in the UK was organised by Penn Group with participants across the UK and abroad. People from near and far - across England, and a few in the US, Norway, Russia, and Scotland were walking and running to raise funds for the VIA Charity - veterans suffering from isolation during COVID-19 and suffering from PTSD.

The Veterans Charity - receiving £1 250.00

Veterans in Action Charity - receiving £970.00

Will Aid – Raised over £5 000.00 between September and December 2021

Islington Veterans Association - £1 250.00

Additionally, the HLN Christmas raffle raised £225.00 for a local charity, Centre 404. For WillAid, Penn Chambers was the highest donating firm that was new to Will Aid in 2021 as well as 8th in the UK.

In 2022, Penn Group of Companies pledge to donate a minimum of £5 000.00 to the nominated charities:

ManKind Initiative - supporting male victims of domestic violence.

Islington Veterans Association - supporting veterans in need.

WillAid - our Wills and Probate department will donate their time and expertise to enable people to get their Wills drafted by a solicitor for a symbolic donation to charity.

Penn Group of Companies are grateful for every single one of your donations over the years and we thank you for sticking around. There is still a lot of work to be done and we are humbled by the ongoing support.

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