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Pess & Media | Penn Chambers Solicitors with The Guardian

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Penn Chambers Solicitors was featured at Financial & Legal Checklist, published with The Guardian on Saturday 20th March 2021.

How to best protect your wealth and family when you pass away?

The reluctance to adequately plan for the inevitable will leave millions of families to suffer significant financial distress, in addition to having to deal with the loss of a loved one all at the same time.

The safest way to protect your assets and those you love is by making sure that you have a Will in place. Not just any Will, but a well-drafted Will that is completely tailored to YOU and your financial circumstances. Life happens and being prepared for even the saddest eventualities will ultimately give you and your loved ones, peace of mind.

Penn Chambers Solicitors Wills & Probate team offer a truly holistic solution to your needs to make sure your loved ones are protected and your hard-earned wealth will be left to those whom you wish to receive it.


If you don't yet have a Will and need one, please contact our WTP team.

If you have one, but needs an update, please contact our WTP team.

If you need help with applying for probate, please contact our WTP team.

Our Wills & Probate team is here to help:

Penn Chambers Solicitors

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EC2N 2HE Tel: 0333 344 454 8

Thank you!


0207 183 4503

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