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Google Reviews: Good to Bad to Malicious

When shopping for services and for products to buy, I often go to and find out what other people say about them. Do you? I like to be prepared and it is part of that process - understanding what I am getting myself into.

And we all know that people go to write reviews to brands and products/ services that they are either very pleased and impressed with OR they have had a dreadful experience and are obviously exasperated and use this to warn others or try to seek compensation or at least explanation...

The Good Reviews

For a small business, it's the kindest 'thank you' and a compliment received, and of course, if you keep going back for the goods and services they sell. It's a public recommendation. It is so important and good service standard to thank anyone for leaving a review and thanking them for taking the time to do so.

The Bad Reviews

Think of this as an opportunity. Whatever the issue, it's to fix the problem and it is a chance you are given to take that extra mile and you know what, it is to pay off. A client that feels cared for, gives you the same loyalty back. Every. Single. Time.

The Malicious Reviews

There is a difference between a bad review and a malicious one. The last one is often about false allegations and untrue statements. The worst kind. (If you are interested to find out, click HERE for more on negative reviews.) Depending on the field, the impact on the reputation of a business can be costly. To both parties, and it is so so much better to avoid it. Especially when in law.

The recent cases on the topic via The Law Society Gazette:

"Tessa Rhodes, a solicitor with Summerfield Browne, told the court that in the five weeks following the online review the number of weekly enquiries fell from 50-60 to 30-40. The firm has since encouraged existing and past clients to leave positive reviews, and there has been a ‘slow increase’ in work."

It is serious and this is how they should be treated.


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