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HLN | Event Trends 2021

We’ve been trawling through one website after another to find out what the industry experts are predicting for the future of events in 2021 and onwards. Safe to say, it will never be quite like it used to be…

Hexagon Legal Network has always been about the real human connections & warmth and we are to find out how we can possibly make sure it continues to be just that while we evolve to keep up with the changing landscape of events

Event Trend 1: A Focus on Safety

Safety is to be taken very seriously from now on and it is more than an event trend. It is what the majority of people are concerned about and it will influence their decision as they feel comfortable attending the event. While nothing can fully mitigate the risk of attending events, there are many steps we can take to prevent the spread of viruses to keep ourselves and the people around us safe. It is up to the event organisers to best provide for a safe environment and terms of an event.

Event Trend 2: Hybrid Events

Mixing the live with virtual will become bigger as it is no longer possible to accommodate a large number of guests in a venue. So making the most of your event is possible mixing the live with online. Just remember to make sure both of your audiences, online and on-site, share the same amount of attention and that their journey is put first.

Event Trend 3: Virtual Events

…are here to stay. As much as they are not ‘new and shiny’ any longer, with performance elements and entertainment added to them. Dressing up, or not, and attending an online event with a glass in hand, or not... The options are endless. From small to big, engaging your senses, developing your skills and so on...

Event Trend 4: Micro Meeting-like Events

Fewer people attending the event equals more opportunities for the guests to network on a more personal level. Attendees are likely to feel more like part of the event, not just a number. This type of events is a great way for organisers to meet their attendees and are able to provide more flexibility for people to attend the event. The guests can attend in-person one day and virtually the next day, creating their own event experiences based on their needs and comfort level.

Event Trend 5: Tech

Necessity is the mother of invention like they say… the tracking and tracing, all touchless interaction. The contactless networking and ways to make data transfers, innovative paper-free, and smart, data-driven solutions with an element of safety will be adopted more and more in the coming year(s). The focus across is on being safe online.

There you have it. As the world reopens the testing and experimenting begins… Exciting times ahead and we are excited to see what kind of creative solutions will emerge on top of all mentioned here.

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Hope to see you soon!

Team HLN


& Maria

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