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Website Security

Inspired by a SEJ article I have come across recently, I decided to write about SEO and website security. An immensely important topic that is too often overlooked.

Especially when it comes to organic SEO, hacking can severely affect the organic performance of a website, impact and decrease the level of trust Google or other search engines have in a site and your site can even be blacklisted as a result. Not to mention more serious consequences like the loss of data and so on... (what a GDPR nightmare would that be).

While planning and coming up with strategies for your marketing and communications website security should not be ignored. There is, of course, the ethical hacking to test the current situation...

Here's to the original article, How Hackers May Be Hurting Your SEO.

Hope you find this as interesting as I did & let me know what your thoughts are around all this...


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