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Law Firm Marketing | GDPR | Are You a Butcher or a Ballerina?

With Covid-19 pandemic clouding our better judgment, the bosses and bosses of our bosses demanding to see the sales, business coming in and increasing numbers... While the people who buy our products and services are at home, and insecure about spending as who knows what the tomorrow will bring... the pressure is real. So much so, I have noticed the number of unread letters in my own inbox increase in the same rate with the tension of Covid...

So when I was sat in the train and came across the "Business Development - Are You a Butcher or a Ballerina?" article by Shak Inayat, I felt the need to share it with you!

Some very real points he makes around GDPR and common sense (that is not as common as you and I would like it to be)... Here, copy-paste:

Business Development - Are You a Butcher or a Ballerina?

I know lockdown is hard on businesses. I run one too and we have had ZERO govt help. We are all trying to garner new business and keep afloat and keep our staff employed.

BUT to forget about GDPR and good business etiquette by sending countless unsolicited emails that I have not opted in for promising me the very best deals this and 150% off that and buy one get 475 free and so on does not work and is unlawful.

Nurture new business don't butcher it.

Build relations even in these trying times. People are more attentive and generally have a little more time to listen to your sincere non-scripted pitch. Have the grace and elegance of a ballerina.

The endless emails I get will not win my enthusiasm to read your unsolicited email let alone win my business.

Do you think when I ignored your first email that sending me a second email that starts "...... just in case you didn't see my first email....." will work?

In this new world order, you have to try new ways of winning business. I wish I knew how that should be done - I don't. I wish I did. But I know what NOT to do.

So ask yourself - are you a butcher or a ballerina when it comes to sourcing new business.

Should you wish to speak to Shak, find his details here:


If you are the one on the other side - marketing, selling and attempting to connect with people (the end goal to sell them goods and services...) we need to come up with new ways. I am as tired of the constant flow of unwanted communications as you are.


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