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Law Firm Marketing and COVID-19 | The 4Cs - Clean

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

One of the 4Cs in COVID marketing and comms is cleanliness, but what does it mean. Is it promoting washing your hands alongside the sold goods and services? Or something else? Well, I believe, in 2020, handwashing ought to be something we don't need to highlight unless we're talking about this new fantastic soap that is the solution to the Global Warming AND smells nice...

Cleanliness in marketing is being transparent, straight-forward, but in a sensitive manner.

Suddenly, the priorities of the consumer have changed and all things salesy are the things of the past. And as we're on the sales topic, the way forward (it's becoming a Thing, note that) is every member of your team to be actively selling and promoting, whatever their position is. It's not new, but it's done actively now.

Clean tone of voice is being more realistic, honest and being there for your clients, solving their problems with your products and services. Helping them move forward.



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