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Law Firm Marketing and COVID-19 | The 4Cs 

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

No need to mention the impact COVID-19 has had on everything... Everything... In marketing and comms, there is now the 4 Cs that are becoming the basis and the "four pillars" of communication. It's the new normal in Marketing and Communications.

What are the 4Cs?

Cleanliness - honesty and transparency in communications and in the tone of voice used. The realness and, of course, the cleanliness as we normally understand it - just everything kept clean and tidy.

Contactless - it's the touch-free, paperless, cloud-based, and distant.

Community - creating communities and starting conversations is nothing new, but what is, is being transparent about your intentions and sincerely supporting each other. Consumers are turning to brands for reassurance and information in this crisis.

Compassion- for us, it is the number one thing. We believe that these aggressive methods of demanding attention are long gone and were ineffective then, and are completely useless now. The confident, but compassionate has always been the way for us, and we will explain to you why...

All about the C for Compassion, pencil this in - 30th October, so do come back & do subscribe below, to be notified when the post is out.

These really are interesting and...unprecedented times... (excuse the overused expression) and 2021 seems to become a year to test new strategies, adapt and innovate, not just in your marketing efforts, but all over...

See you soon!


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