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Google’s December 2020 Core Update

The Google December 2020 Core Update is here and we're about to find out what it means for law firm marketing, SEO and more...

"Oh joy!", I thought, Google had started implementing what I thought was planned for 2021. An early Christmas present for us all.

Like all core updates, this one too was a global update, announced on December 3rd, not specific to any region, language or category.

It is the usual kind of Google core updates, typically released every 3 months or so. However, there has not been one since May 2020. We can only suspect the stretch and impact of it. We also know that it will be

Track the rolling out of the December 2020 Core update HERE.

Who is suffering the most due to December 2020 Core Update?

According to SEMrush: It seems that larger domains are so far seriously affected. Almost 50% of the biggest winners and losers so far are domains with traffic surpassing 1 million monthly visitors.

1 in 3 domains experiencing visibility drops are sites with over 10 million visitors per month.

Several analyses are available to read, and the winners and losers have been published. Many have gained in ranking higher and many have taken a hit.

Post-December 2020 Core Update - What is next?

The best thing to do when your website has been affected by a core update is to stick to basics. Take a step back, re-evaluate, improve and see what you can do better.

Improving user experience on your website ought to be an ongoing process. Same with quality content - it is a process to find new ways to showcase your USPs in an authentic way, educating and informing. Growing in your the field, alongside your clients.

That is what we will do across Penn Group of Companies. We shall keep our eye out for more of this December 2020 Core Update and adjust.


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